Hi. I’m Chad. This is The Riverfront.

Welcome to The Riverfront. Cincinnati sports are your passion, right?

This city has a special relationship with its sports teams, though it’s often a heartbreaking one. You can get straight reporting on the Reds and Bengals and Bearcats and Musketeers and FC Cincinnati in plenty of other outlets. “The Riverfront” is where we go deeper, analyzing current events in Cincinnati sports from the fan’s perspective. Your perspective. My perspective.

I’m Chad Dotson, but I’m guessing you already know that. For many years now, I’ve been writing a weekly column about the Reds for Cincinnati Magazine, and for a few years, I also wrote about baseball for outlets including ESPN. But wait…there’s more! I founded Redleg Nation, have been hosting a Reds podcast since 2007, and wrote a book about Reds history with my buddy Chris.

If you’ve read my writing over the years, you know that I like to have fun and I like to be irreverent. You also know that I always try to tell you the truth. I’m not beholden to any of the teams for my livelihood, and I don’t mind to criticize, when criticism is warranted. You may have noticed that can be rare in our little small town of Cincinnati.

Come along for the ride!

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In-depth analysis of Cincinnati sports. Reds, Bengals, FC Cincinnati, and all things Queen City, with a hefty dose of fun and nonsense.


I write words about Reds baseball every week for Cincinnati Magazine, and I go even deeper into Cincinnati sports here at The Riverfront. Oh, and I wrote a book about the Reds once.